Serendipitous Proper Bagel

It's gratifying when small observations lead to meaningful experiences. Resting on the bed-side table in an East Nashville Airbnb, a copy of Native Magazine caught my eye.  Interest in the cover led to a late morning of house-made bagels, cream cheese, soft window light and an afternoon work space at Proper Bagel on Belmont Blvd.

Taking breakfast orders and happily giving recommendations was none other than the owner of Proper Bagel and the woman rocking the cover of Native, Heather Speranza. It was the perfect coincidence leading to fun conversation, friendship and quality food.

Bites were traded between the avocado and egg on bialy with a micro green salad, and a breakfast bagel with rosemary garlic cream cheese and seared tomato as a side.  A baked strawberry donut with house coffee from Barista Parlor was the post-breakfast treat.