Antelope Island x Stetson

Over a thousand miles of country between our destination, two Midwest families took off for West Utah. Drawn by the promise of a rare cowboy and cowgirl experience, we set up camp outside of Salt Lake City for the 32nd annual Antelope Island State Park Bison Roundup.  

 Beginning with an all-rider meeting after sunrise, we donned our Stetsons and greeted nearly 300 riders. Our saddled horses were shaking with nerves, hooves pounding the ground, neighs going up across the hills.  

 We rode 15 miles, herding hundreds of buffalo across the hills, up Heartbreak Hill and down through the rocks to new grazing land. It was a long, amazing day on horseback. The experience was even more rewarding with good company, sturdy horses, a classic Stetson, and a successful buffalo roundup.

View more of my photos on Stetson’s journal.

A Wandering Summer in Italy

I lived in Northern Italy for a season and was able to travel around the country, as well as parts of Sardinia and Southern Spain. The Italian way of life was the best breathe of fresh air I’ve had the privilege to take in.

Slow dinners with close friends, beach cruiser bike rides to work, country drives through small villages to the sea; so many memories I treasured for myself instead of documenting with a screen in front of me. The fastest part of life is the quick shot of espresso at the local bar.

My decision to live in Italy as a young adult has added so much richness, knowledge and so many beautiful memories to my life. There is nothing like traveling. I went to Europe alone, but the friends and family I made along the way never made me feel that way.

Summer Wedding at the Lalumondiere River Gardens

The Missouri summer heat cooled down just enough for a great wedding day at this beautiful outdoor wedding venue outside of St. Louis. Heidi and Tim had their first look on a bridge facing the river running alongside the Lalumondiere River Gardens. As they exchanged smiles and love notes, capturing the joy on their faces was effortless.

The rest of the day continued with plenty of laughs, surrounded in a light hue of pink, plenty of greenery and the rushing of the river as guests enjoyed the night celebrating the newlyweds.

Congratulations again to Tim and Heidi! It was a pleasure documenting your special day.

September in Missouri - while the trees are still green

With a hint of September chill in the air, this might be the last time we all stick our toes on in the river. Haley just moved from Oregon to the Ozarks, so of course we had to do a photo shoot that reflected Missouri - with the James River and plenty of green foliage all around. That Mid-Missouri afternoon light had plenty of movement for us too as huge clouds passed over the sky.

Loved collaborating with this girl on some ideas I’d really been wanting to see come to life. Haley has so much creativity and I’m excited to work on more projects with her.

Italian Architecture Firm Alba Progetti

Alba Progetti, a Bologna, Italy based architecture firm,  designed a warehouse uniquely placed in the countryside of Emilia Romagna. If you look closely, the bright red features creatively resemble the head and tale of a pig.

This was a great way to dip my toes into photographing architectural projects and design. 

May Missouri Wedding

The Exchange Venue in Camdenton, Mo. was a hidden Missouri wedding venue oasis for Mason and Mackenna. The whole family was so hospitable and ready to help capture the best photos to remember the couple's special day. It was a pleasure working with them and I'm excited to see what this beautiful couple does next. 

A big thanks to Emily Sewell for assisting in capturing these moments for the newlyweds. Cheers!

A Year Review

While 2017 has drawn to a close and the new year stops for no one, I want to reflect on the past months. It's been 12 months of keeping my head down, nose to the grindstone, and pressing myself in ways I hadn't before. Yet, I can confidently say, it has all been a beautiful transition for even more exciting things to come.

Through it all, I have had so many privileges this year. I have documented beautiful moments, traveled to new cities and found friendships spanning across states. I've cried tears of happiness behind the camera as couples say their vows, shared laughs with friends and mentors in front of the camera, and I've witnessed beautiful moments without a camera in sight.

Thank you to every single client that has trusted me to photograph their milestones this year. I know these moments represent a beautiful transition for you all as well. I wish happiness for everyone in 2018. Thank you.



Serendipitous Proper Bagel

It's gratifying when small observations lead to meaningful experiences. Resting on the bed-side table in an East Nashville Airbnb, a copy of Native Magazine caught my eye.  Interest in the cover led to a late morning of house-made bagels, cream cheese, soft window light and an afternoon work space at Proper Bagel on Belmont Blvd.

Taking breakfast orders and happily giving recommendations was none other than the owner of Proper Bagel and the woman rocking the cover of Native, Heather Speranza. It was the perfect coincidence leading to fun conversation, friendship and quality food.

Bites were traded between the avocado and egg on bialy with a micro green salad, and a breakfast bagel with rosemary garlic cream cheese and seared tomato as a side.  A baked strawberry donut with house coffee from Barista Parlor was the post-breakfast treat.