COO, Askinosie Chocolate

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing in strong support of Ann Millington, currently seeking a position within your company. In the year I worked with Ann at Askinosie Chocolate, I had the opportunity to observe first-hand her work ethic, her intrinsic motivation and her self-assured approach to direct sales for our company. I highly recommend her.

Askinosie Chocolate is a world-renowned, small-batch craft chocolate company located in Springfield, Missouri. We occupy a large footprint in the craft chocolate space; part of our success lies in our ability to achieve much with a small, focused, dedicated team. Ann’s role on this team was to provide sales assistance, which ranged from B2B customer development and service to general administrative tasks (including familiarity with backend website software and close engagement with Quickbooks). In the meantime, she also completed web development tasks for our outreach program, Chocolate University.

Ann spent considerable time on the phones with a variety of prospective and current customers. Each call posed unique challenges, and many of them required her to draw on a wide knowledge base that encompassed deep knowledge of our products, updated information about our inventories, a strategic understanding of our shipping policies, and, most of all, the company’s history with the customer. Once Ann was fully on board with this knowledge, she executed in her position with great facility and finesse, leading customers calmly and confidently from one successful sales engagement to the next.

One of the strongest factors contributing to Ann’s success is her sheer brainpower. She’s crazy sharp, and she devours new knowledge with ease. In any new context, with any software or new sales processes, Ann will find her comfort level quickly, and she will be generating value for the company soon after her on-boarding.

Our company demands much of our employees, just as we know our customers demand much in the product we make. Ann was a perfect fit in this environment, and we were sad to see her go (although also excited to see her graduate to her next exciting journey). Askinosie was a great first job immediately after college for her; I’m eager to see her progress moving forward. If her time with us is any good indication, that progress will be swift, and it will result in positive outcomes for whoever is lucky enough to have her.

Please contact me directly at with questions or for clarification. Best regards,

John Taylor
COO, Askinosie Chocolate

CEO/Founder, Askinosie Chocolate

er 17, 2018
Dear prospective employer,

It is with pleasure that I provide a reference letter for my former employee, Ann Y. Millington. Ann worked for my company, Askinosie Chocolate, from January 2017 to May 2018. During her employ, Ann handled 250+ accounts in multiple sales channels by proactively contacting B2B reorders, onboarding new customer accounts, creating sales pipelines, cold calls and assisting with 2018 sales plans and strategy. She sought out additional duties and responsibilities, over her assigned tasks, and assisted us with social media outreach and marketing.

Ann first applied for, and preferred, a job working in the social media-public outreach area because of her formal education in Journalism and her clear interest in communication, public outreach and content creation. Unfortunately, the opening we had was for a sales assistant and she took the job. She quickly moved into an account manager position and displayed her special talent in her preferred area of public outreach by relating the brand messaging and story. She came up with a slogan idea the company still uses today; her preferred idea was effortless and clearly came from the heart. Ann was a quick study, easily acquiring the necessary knowledge of my business to handle the account questions with informed, knowledgeable answers. My customers enjoyed working with her. She was quiet, a hard-worker and always willing to help where needed. It was with regret that we accepted her resignation to move on to fulfill her other goals, but I knew her departure was inevitable.

Ann will be an asset to the future employer who hires her. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to further discuss Ann’s employ with my company.


Shawn Askinosie CEO/Founder

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